Field trip on biodiversity, with pupils from Albanian College Tirana

On the 20th of April 2017, IEP volunteers organized a field trip at Tirana Lake Park with the pupils of Albanian College Tirana. The activity was aimed at raising awareness on the biodiversity of the Park, to show children what species of trees, plants and animals live there, and what they need to do to save the different ecosystems of the park.

The activity was opened with an energizer in the park, “cowboy energizer”, where children were split in two groups, and then they played a game which was aimed to showing them the differences between species and diversity of different species in the park, and to show differences and what we humans have in common with other animals.

The activity went on with the topic of adaption of species, where kids were shown the different animals they can find in the park, what they need, to adapt to the ecosystem they live in, and then kids were divided in groups and went on a walk to the lake and forest, to find and see themselves different animals that live there. Kids were asked to describe the animals they found, where they live and how do they live in different ecosystems.

Then, they were told the “Story of the Frog”, where kids learned about the life of frogs. After that, the whole group did a cleanup of the area, collecting trash that was thrown in the ecosystems by irresponsible persons. The last topic of the activity was the collection of different flowers and leaves from the park, put them in an envelope, where they also wrote about what they learned during this field trip, and promises and how they will protect the environment.