Promotion of animal rights and vegetarianism/veganism

Project title: Promotion of animal rights and vegetarianism/veganism

Duration: Spring 2011 – November 2013

Overview and objectives: 

This project is a follow-up of the campaign started by IEP since March 2011, raising the awareness on animal rights and on the benefits of vegetarianism/veganism. The main activities of the project were articles online and on the printed media, public and TV debates, “World Animal Day” activity in Tirana, discussions on our online forum on vegetarianism and veganism. Booklets and brochures on these topics were distributed to the public.

The objectives of this project were the raising of awareness among the general public and specific stakeholders such journalist students, public health representatives, NGOs etc., on the horrible conditions in the animal farms, benefits and superiority of vegan food, and implications that feeding on animal products has on diseases, intensive farming, and food poverty around the globe.

Activities: online articles, forum discussions, distribution of printed materials, media articles, TV debates, workshops, and meetings.

Project leader: Mr. Endri Haxhiraj

Funding: Sabina Fund

Project publications: Vegjetarianizmi (Albanian)

Visual materials: