Sustainable agriculture for sustainable Balkans

Project title: “Sustainable agriculture for sustainable Balkans: Strengthening advocacy capacities of CSOs and developing policies in the Western Balkans”

Duration: January 2016 – December 2019

Overview and objectives:  IEP is one of the partners in the regional consortium of CSOs from Albania (Institute for Environmental Policy), former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FLOROZON – Center for Environmental Democracy), Kosovo (NGO AKTIV) and Montenegro (CZIP Center for Protection and Research of Birds), of the project ‘Sustainable agriculture for sustainable Balkans’.

To strengthen advocacy, networking and internal governance of CSOs
advocating for sustainable agriculture in Programme countries
(Component 1); to strengthen capacities of CSOs for developing skills and
knowledge to prepare successful project proposals regarding advocacy for
sustainable agriculture (Component 2); to contribute to development and
implementation of sustainable agriculture policies in Programme
countries (Component 3).



  • Inception phase
  • Strengthening advocacy capacities of CSOs
  • Research & advocacy in action

Project leader for IEP as a partner: Mr. Edvin Pacara

Funding: European Commission

Project publications:

Visual materials: Project website:
Regional conference “Media, CSOs and sustainable agriculture”